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The Broken Vase

brokenvaseThroughout my life, I have always prayed that the signs and guidance come to me in a very tangible way. One of them, a life-changing one, happened when I was contemplating the prospect of studying acupuncture in Japan. I was coming from a long journey of frustrating attempts to “blend in” and to be like everybody else. I had studied geology, graduated in law, worked as a translator, just to name a few. The feeling was always the same: wrong door! One day, however, I came across an ad in the newspaper “Do-In Weekend” (Do-In is a Japanese-style acupressure massage). For some mysterious reason, I decided to attend it and…it hit the spot! I felt totally at home with the theory behind the technique.

A few days later, I was “nudged” again by the Universe: I met a senior acupuncturist who had studied acupuncture in Japan after the Second World War. After a few words, he said “Why don’t you go to Japan to study acupuncture?” I smiled and thought “Japan? Oh, yes, another road leading nowhere!” Anyway, from that moment onwards, every time he saw me he would say: “Go to Japan…go to Japan!” One day, coincidence or not, it came to my knowledge that Tokyo’s oldest and most traditional acupuncture school was opening its doors to foreign students for the first time in its history. Fueled by great enthusiasm, I decided to take that opportunity and proceeded to take some steps towards going to Japan.

As soon as I started seriously thinking about that which would be the biggest adventure of my life, some thoughts insistently assaulted my mind. Should I really go? What if it doesn’t work? Why shouldn’t I stay in my country and be like anybody else? Be sensible!
On the other hand, I had this feeling that the Universe was up to something. So, I decided to ask for a decisive sign, a guidance that would leave no doubts as to what I should do. Sure enough I had what I was praying for.

I had a vivid dream. I dreamt that there was a white vase with blue oriental drawings broken into small pieces scattered all over in front of me. While contemplating the scene, a strong suggestion came to my mind: “Go and assemble the vase”. The following day upon waking up, I understood the dream as being the ultimate sign I was waiting for and proceeded with my plans. Four years later, while packing my suitcases to leave Japan, that dream flashed back to my mind. I realized then the importance of it. It was a premonition of the course my life was about to take. The broken pieces of the vase represented parts of me scattered and isolated. By trying to assemble them, I could not only take some steps towards better understanding myself but also the unique Eastern medicine concept of health and healing.. Those years in Japan were not just one more adventure – they changed my life!

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  1. Carmen says:

    God has mysterious ways to bring us to our desteny. Life is a puzzle where the pieces have to be put together before we can see the picture.
    Carmen from florida

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